TDRD7, third LOTUS domain (IPR037978)

Short name: TDRD7_LOTUS_3

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TDRD7 belongs to the evolutionary conserved Tudor domain-containing protein (TDRD) family involved in germ cell development. In mice, TDRD7 together with TDRD1/MTR-1, TDRD5 and TDRD6 forms a ribonucleoprotein complex in the intermitochondrial cements (IMCs) and the chromatoid bodies (CBs) involved in RNA processing for spermatogenesis. TDRD7 is functionally essential for the differentiation of germ cells [PMID: 17141210].

TDRD7 contains three N-terminal LOTUS domains and three Tudor domain repeats at the C terminus. The LOTUS domain adopts the winged helix-turn-helix fold that may bind RNA [PMID: 20302647, PMID: 20305267]. This entry represents the third LOTUS domain of TDRD7.

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