HERC2, APC10 domain (IPR037976)

Short name: HERC2_APC10

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This entry represents the APC10/DOC1 domain of HERC2 (HECT domain and RLD2). This domain is similar to the anaphase-promoting complex subunit APC10 and the DOC1 domain present in E3 ubiquitin ligases which mediate substrate ubiquitination (or ubiquitylation) [PMID: 11524682]. HERC2 may be involved in protein trafficking and degradation pathways. Mutations in HERC2 lead to neuromuscular secretory vesicle and sperm acrosome defects, other developmental abnormalities, and juvenile lethality of jdf2 mice [PMID: 9949213]. It has been shown that the HERC2-RNF8 protein complex coordinates ubiquitin-dependent assembly of DNA repair factors on damaged chromosomes [PMID: 20023648].

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