Neuralized (IPR037962)

Short name: Neuralized

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Neuralized (Neur) is a conserved membrane-associated E3 ubiquitin ligase. In Drosophila, Neur is required in a subset of Notch pathway-mediated cell fate decisions during development of the nervous system [PMID: 11696324]. Notch signaling, which is crucial to metazoan development, requires endocytosis of Notch ligands. Neur binds to the Notch receptor ligand Delta through its first NHR1 domain and mediates its ubiquitination for endocytosis [PMID: 17065551, PMID: 11740931]. In mammals there are two homologues of Neur, Neur1 (NEURL1) and Neur2 (NEURL1B), that can interact with Notch ligands Delta-like1 and Jagged1 [PMID: 19723503]. Neuralized homologues in flies and mammals have two NHR domains. Neuralized-like protein 2 (NEURL2), 3 (NEURL3) and 4 (NEURL4) are also included in this family. NEURL4 is a HERC2-interacting protein with six neuralized domains[PMID: 22261722, PMID: 27751914], whereas NEURL2 and NEURL3 have one neuralized domain only.

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