MONaKA, PX domain (IPR037903)

Short name: MONaKA_PX

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MONaKA (Modulator of Na,K-ATPase), also known as PXK, binds the plasma membrane ion transporter, Na,K-ATPase, and modulates its enzymatic and ion pump activities. It modulates brain Na,K-ATPase and may be involved in regulating electrical excitability and synaptic transmission [PMID: 16135750]. MONaKA contains an N-terminal PX domain and a C-terminal kinase domain that lacks several residues necessary for intrinsic catalytic activity [PMID: 16142408]. This entry represents the PX domain of MONaKA.

In general, the PX domain interacts with PIs and plays a role in targeting proteins to PI-enriched membranes [PMID: 16782399].

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