Homologous Superfamily

BamE-like (IPR037873)

Short name: BamE-like

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The fold of this superfamily, tandemly repeated in beta-lactamase-inhibitor BLIP, has an alpha(2)-beta(4) structure [PMID: 8605632]. It is also found in osmotically-inducible lipoprotein OsmE, which has no known function [PMID: 7565114], and in outer membrane protein assembly factor BamE.

BamE is part of the outer membrane protein (OMP) assembly Bam complex (composed of the outer membrane protein BamA, and four lipoproteins BamB, BamC, BamD and BamE), which is involved in assembly and insertion of beta-barrel proteins into the outer membrane [PMID: 16824102, PMID: 20378773, PMID: 21823654, PMID: 21586578, PMID: 22281737]. E. coli BamE is a nonessential member of the complex that stabilizes the interaction between the essential proteins BamA and BamD. It may modulate the conformation of BamA, likely through interactions with BamD [PMID: 21212804].

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