Ferlin family (IPR037721)

Short name: Ferlin

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Ferlins are involved in vesicle fusion events [PMID: 21838746]. Ferlins and other proteins, such as synaptotagmins, are implicated in facilitating the fusion process when cell membranes fuse together. There are six known human Ferlins: Dysferlin (Fer1L1), Otoferlin (Fer1L2), Myoferlin (Fer1L3), Fer1L4, Fer1L5, and Fer1L6. Defects in these genes can lead to a wide range of diseases including muscular dystrophy (dysferlin), deafness (otoferlin), and infertility (fer-1, fertilization factor-1).

Structurally they have 6 tandem C2 domains, designated as (C2A-C2F) and a single C-terminal transmembrane domain, though there is a new study that disputes this and claims that there are actually 7 tandem C2 domains with another C2 domain inserted between C2D and C2E. In a subset of them (Dysferlin, Myoferlin, and Fer1) there is an additional conserved domain called DysF [PMID: 20667140].

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