SAMSN1, SAM domain (IPR037623)

Short name: SAMSN1_SAM

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SAMSN1 (also known as HACS1 or NASH1) is a member of the SH3/SAM adapter molecules family. It is strongly up-regulated in primary B cells upon differentiation and proliferation-inducing stimuli and functions as an endogenous immunoinhibitor. It has been found to regulate cell spreading and polarization [PMID: 21296879]. 14-3-3 proteins interact and control nucleo-cytoplasmic shuttling of SAMSN1. In the nucleus, SAMSN1 interacts with the SAP30/HDAC1 complex and regulates the activity of HDAC1 [PMID: 20478393].

This entry represents the SAM domain of SAMSN1. The SAM domain is a predicted protein-protein interaction domain.

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