Tumour protein p73, SAM domain (IPR037612)

Short name: Tumour-p73_SAM

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Tumour protein p73 shares protein sequence similarity with the tumour suppressor p53 [PMID: 16601753]. It is involved in the apoptotic response to DNA damage [PMID: 11932750]. Human p73 has two isoforms, TA-isoforms that act as tumour-suppressors and DN-isoforms that behave as proto-oncogenes [PMID: 24983500]. p73 also plays a role in neuronal development and neurodegeneration [PMID: 21380933].

This entry represents the SAM domain of tumour protein p73. The SAM domain of p73 has been shown to bind membrane lipids, and structural rearrangements in SAM are necessary to accomplish the binding [PMID: 12954612].

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