Sorting nexin-13, PX domain (IPR037437)

Short name: SNX13_PX

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SNX13, also called RGS-PX1 or sorting nexin-13, contains an N-terminal PXA domain, a regulator of G protein signaling (RGS) domain, a PX domain, and a C-terminal PXC domain [PMID: 25148684]. It specifically binds to the stimulatory subunit of the heterotrimeric G protein G(alpha)s, serving as its GTPase activating protein, through the RGS domain [PMID: 11729322]. It is involved in development and regulation of endocytosis dynamics [PMID: 17077144]. It influences the lysosomal targeting of the epidermal growth factor receptor, suggesting a role both in cell signaling and receptor trafficking [PMID: 15469987].

This entry represents the PX domain of SNX13. The PX domain is a phosphoinositide (PI) binding module present in many proteins with diverse functions [PMID: 11684018, PMID: 14514667].

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