Hex1, S1 domain (IPR037318)

Short name: Hex1_S1

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Hex1 is the major component of the Woronin body in filamentous fungi [PMID: 11273682]. The Woronin body is a dense vesicle and plays a vital role in filamentous fungi cell integrity. When cell damage occurs, Woronin bodies seal the septal pore to prevent further cytoplasmic bleeding. Hex1 protein self-assembles to form the solid core of the Woronin body vesicle. The Hex1 sequence and structure are similar to eukaryotic initiation factor 5A (eIF5A), suggesting they share a common ancestor during evolution [PMID: 12640443]. All members of the EF superfamily to which Hex1 belongs, contain an S1 domain, which has been shown to bind RNA or single-stranded DNA and often interacts with the ribosome [PMID: 9753699].

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