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Granulin superfamily (IPR037277)

Short name: Granulin_sf

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Metazoan granulins [PMID: 1542665] are a family of cysteine-rich peptides of about 6 Kd which may have multiple biological activity. A precursor protein (known as acrogranin) potentially encodes seven different forms of granulin (grnA to grnG) which are probably released by post-translational proteolytic processing. Granulins are evolutionary related to PMP-D1, a peptide extracted from the pars intercerebralis of migratory locusts [PMID: 1740125]. A schematic representation of the structure of a granulin is shown below:


'C': conserved cysteine probably involved in a disulphide bond.

In plants a granulin domain is often associated with the C terminus of cysteine proteases belong to the MEROPS peptidase family C1, subfamily C1A (papain).

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