Homologous Superfamily

Oxysterol-binding protein superfamily (IPR037239)

Short name: OSBP_sf

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A number of eukaryotic proteins that seem to be involved with sterol synthesis and/or its regulation have been found [PMID: 8017104] to be evolutionary related. These include mammalian oxysterol-binding protein (OSBP), a protein of about 800 amino-acid residues that binds a variety of oxysterols (oxygenated derivatives of cholesterol); yeast OSH1, a protein of 859 residues that also plays a role in ergosterol synthesis; yeast proteins HES1 and KES1, highly related proteins of 434 residues that seem to play a role in ergosterol synthesis; and yeast hypothetical proteins YHR001w, YHR073w and YKR003w.

The core structure of OSBP has a large meander beta-sheet of 12 strands wrapped around the N-terminal (distorted) alpha-hairpin. It shares some similarity with transmembrane beta-barrel proteins.

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