Homologous Superfamily

Osmotin/thaumatin-like superfamily (IPR037176)

Short name: Osmotin/thaumatin-like_sf

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Thaumatin [PMID: 7049841] is an intensely sweet-tasting protein, 100 000 times sweeter than sucrose on a molar basis [PMID: 7049841] found in berries from Thaumatococcus daniellii, a tropical flowering plant known as Katemfe. When attacked by viroids, single-stranded unencapsulated RNA molecules that do not code for protein, thaumatin is induced.

Thaumatin consists of about 200 residues and contains 8 disulphide bonds. Like other PR proteins, thaumatin is predicted to have a mainly beta structure, with a high content of beta-turns and little helix [PMID: 7049841].

Osmotin belongs to the PR-5 protein family whose members are homologous to thaumatin. Osmotin and other PR-5 proteins were shown to have antifungal activity in vitro against a broad range of fungi, including several plant pathogens[PMID: 14705035].

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