Homologous Superfamily

Haem oxygenase HugZ-like superfamily (IPR037119)

Short name: Haem_oxidase_HugZ-like_sf

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This entry represents a domain superfamily that can be found in a group of putative haem-iron utilisation proteins, such as HugZ, a class of heme oxygenase that belongs to the PPOX family and lacks homology to the HmuO family. This enzyme releases iron during the conversion of heme to biliverdin [PMID: 22020097, PMID: 21030596].

This domain can also be found at the C terminus of the glutamyl-tRNA reductase-binding (GluTRBP) protein from Arabidopsis [PMID: 24753615]. GluTRBP is involved in the regulation of glutamyl-tRNA reductase (GluTR) which is important for the synthesis and distribution of 5-aminolevulinate, a precursor in heme and chlorophyll biosynthesis [PMID: 22180625]. GluTRBP is necessary for efficient photosynthetic electron transport in chloroplasts [PMID: 20657737, PMID: 24753615].

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