Homologous Superfamily

AMP nucleoside phosphorylase, N-terminal domain superfamily (IPR037109)

Short name: AMP_N_sf

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This entry represents the N-terminal domain superfamily of bacterial AMP nucleoside phosphorylase (AMNp). The N- and C-termini form distinct domains which intertwine with each other to form a stable monomer which associates with five other monomers to yield the active hexamer. The N terminus consists of a long helix and a four-stranded sheet with a novel topology. The C terminus binds the nucleoside whereas the N terminus acts as the enzymatic regulatory domain. AMNp (EC: catalyses the hydrolysis of AMP to form adenine and ribose 5-phosphate. thereby regulating intracellular AMP levels [PMID: 15296732].

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