Homologous Superfamily

Sporulation initiation phosphotransferase B, C-terminal domain superfamily (IPR037100)

Short name: Spo0B_C_sf

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Response regulatory proteins such as sensor kinases control a variety of environmentally induced responses in bacteria. Sporulation initiation phosphotransferase B (Spo0B) is a response regulator that responds to nutritional stress by inducing sporulation. Spo0B is a phosphotransferase that acts upon stage 0 sporulation protein A (spo0A) using sporulation initiation phosphotransferase F (spo0F) as the phosphor-donor. Phosphorylated spo0A ca activate sporulation-specific gene transcription [PMID: 1664534].

Spo0B has an alpha-beta core structure that resembles the histidine kinase fold, but lacks the kinase ATP-binding site [PMID: 9809070]. This domain superfamily is found at the C terminus of spo0B, as well as in other sensor kinases.

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