Homologous Superfamily

RnfH superfamily (IPR037021)

Short name: RnfH_sf

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RnfH is a member of the ubiquitin superfamily. Members of the RnfH family strongly co-occur in two distinct gene neighbourhood contexts. In one it is associated with a START domain protein, a membrane protein SmpA and the transfer mRNA binding protein SmpB. This association suggests a possible role in the SmpB-tmRNA-based tagging and degradation system of bacteria, which is interesting given that other members of the ubiquitin system are analogously involved in protein-tagging and degradation across eukaryotes and various prokaryotes. The second context in which the RnfH genes are present is in a membrane associated complex involved in transporting electrons for various reductive reactions such as nitrogen fixation [PMID: 16859499].

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