Homologous Superfamily

Iron hydrogenase, small subunit superfamily (IPR036991)

Short name: Fe_hydrogenase_ssu_sf

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Many microorganisms, such as methanogenic, acetogenic, nitrogen-fixing, photosynthetic, or sulphate-reducing bacteria, metabolise hydrogen. Hydrogen activation is mediated by a family of enzymes, termed hydrogenases, which either provide these organisms with reducing power from hydrogen oxidation, or act as electron sinks. There are two hydrogenases families that differ functionally from each other: NiFe hydrogenases tend to be more involved in hydrogen oxidation, while Iron-only FeFe (Fe only) hydrogenases in hydrogen production.

Fe only hydrogenases (EC: can either be monomeric and cytoplasmic or heterodimeric and periplasmic, being involved in either hydrogen production or uptake, respectively. This entry represents the small subunit of the heterodimeric enzyme, which is comprised of alternating random coil and alpha helical structures that encompass the large subunit in a novel protein fold [PMID: 10368269].

A domain homologous to the small subunit is found at the C terminus of iron-only hydrogenase-like protein 1 (IOP1) and IOP2 (also known as nuclear prelamin A recognition factor), two orthologue proteins found in mammalian cells. IOP1 has been shown to be involved in mammalian cytosolic Fe-S protein maturation [PMID: 18270200].

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