Homologous Superfamily

Picornavirus coat protein VP4 superfamily (IPR036988)

Short name: Pico_P1A_sf

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Picornaviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses. Processing of the viral polyprotein by picornains 3C and 2A generates capsid proteins VP0, VP1 and VP3, but VP0 undergoes an autolytic cleavage during virion assembly to generate capsid proteins VP2 and VP4 [PMID: 6283126]. The autolytic cleavage was originally thought to be the action of a serine-type peptidase, but from analogy with the similar autoproteolytic cleavages that are known for capsid proteins from nodaviruses (MEROPS peptidase family N1), tetraviruses (MEROPS peptidase family N2), picobirnaviruses (MEROPS peptidase family N5) and reoviruses (MEROPS peptidase family N7), it is more likely that VP0 is an asparagine-type peptidase; autocatalytic cleavage being promoted by cyclization of a conserved asparagine.


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