Homologous Superfamily

SRA-YDG superfamily (IPR036987)

Short name: SRA-YDG_sf

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This domain superfamily has been termed SRA-YDG, for SET and Ring finger Associated, and because of the conserved YDG motif within the domain. Further characteristics of the domain are the conservation of up to 13 evenly spaced glycine residues and a VRV(I/V)RG motif. The domain is mainly found in plants and animals and in bacteria. In animals, this domain is associated with the Np95-like ring finger protein and the related gene product Np97, which contains PHD and RING FINGER domains and which is an important determinant in cell cycle progression. Np95 is a chromatin-associated ubiquitin ligase, binding to histones is direct and shows a remarkable preference for histone H3 and its N-terminal tail. The SRA-YDG domain contained in Np95 is indispensable both for the interaction with histones and for chromatin binding in vivo [PMID: 9880673, PMID: 14993289]. In plants the SRA-YDG domain is associated with the SET domain, found in a family of histone methyl transferases, and in bacteria it is found in association with HNH, a non-specific nuclease motif [PMID: 14993289, PMID: 11691919].

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