Homologous Superfamily

Rhodanese-like domain superfamily (IPR036873)

Short name: Rhodanese-like_dom_sf

Overlapping entries


Rhodanese, a sulphurtransferase involved in cyanide detoxification (see IPR001307) shares evolutionary relationship with a large family of proteins [PMID: 9733650], including

  • Cdc25 phosphatase catalytic domain.
  • non-catalytic domains of eukaryotic dual-specificity MAPK-phosphatases.
  • non-catalytic domains of yeast PTP-type MAPK-phosphatases.
  • non-catalytic domains of yeast Ubp4, Ubp5, Ubp7.
  • non-catalytic domains of mammalian Ubp-Y.
  • Drosophila heat shock protein HSP-67BB.
  • several bacterial cold-shock and phage shock proteins.
  • plant senescence associated proteins.
  • catalytic and non-catalytic domains of rhodanese (see IPR001307).

Rhodanese has an internal duplication. This domain is found as a single copy in other proteins, including phosphatases and ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolases [PMID: 8702871]. The structure of this domain is composed of three layers (alpha/beta/alpha) arranged in parallel beta-sheet of five strands.

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