Homologous Superfamily

TusA-like domain superfamily (IPR036868)

Short name: TusA-like_sf

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The structure of TusA (also known YhhP and SirA) consists of an alpha/beta sandwich with a beta-alpha-beta-alpha-beta(2) fold, comprising a mixed four-stranded beta-sheet stacked against two alpha-helices, both of which are nearly parallel to the strands of the beta-sheet [PMID: 11080457]. Several uncharacterised bacterial proteins (73 to 81 amino-acid residues in length) that contain a well-conserved region in their N-terminal region show structural similarity to the TusA protein, including the E. coli protein YedF (P0AA31), and other members of the UPF0033 family.

NOTE: TusA was previously known as SirA, but should not be confused with the sporulation inhibitor of replication protein SirA (IPR019683) or with the LuxR/UhpA family response regulator Q79BM8, also known as SirA.

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