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Cation efflux protein, cytoplasmic domain superfamily (IPR036837)

Short name: Cation_efflux_CTD_sf

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The cation diffusion facilitator family (CDF) have members in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, several of which have been shown to transport cobalt, cadmium and/or zinc. CDF transporters share a common two-modular architecture, consisting of a transmembrane domain (TMD) followed by a C-terminal domain (CTD) protruding into the cytoplasm [PMID: 9075641].

This entry represents the CDF C-terminal cytoplasmic domain superfamily. The cytoplasmic domain of Zinc transporter YiiP adopts a metallochaperone-like fold. The use of this common structural module to regulate metal coordination chemistry may enable a tunable transport activity in response to cytoplasmic metal fluctuations [PMID: 19749753]. It is the dimerisation region of the whole molecule of zinc transporters since the full-length members form a homodimer during activity. The domain lies within the cytoplasm and exhibits an overall structural similarity with the copper metallochaperone Hah1 (O00244) exhibiting an open alpha-beta domain with two alpha helices (H1 and H2) aligned on one side and a three-stranded mixed beta-sheet (S1 to S3) on the other side [PMID: 17717154].

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