Homologous Superfamily

F0F1 ATP synthase delta/epsilon subunit, N-terminal (IPR036771)

Short name: ATPsynth_dsu/esu_N

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This superfamily represents the N-terminal beta-sandwich domain of F1F0-ATP synthase subunits delta (in mitochondrial ATPase) and epsilon (in bacteria or chloroplast ATPase) [PMID: 19785575]. The interaction site of subunit C of the F0 complex with the delta or epsilon subunit of the F1 complex may be important for connecting the rotor of F1 (gamma subunit) to the rotor of F0 (C subunit) [PMID: 12887009]. In bacterial species, the delta subunit is the equivalent of the oligomycin sensitive subunit (OSCP, IPR000711) in metazoans. The C-terminal domain of the epsilon subunit appears to act as an inhibitor of ATPase activity [PMID: 16707672].

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