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Vitelline membrane outer layer protein I (VOMI) superfamily (IPR036706)

Short name: VOMI_sf

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Vitelline membrane outer layer protein I (VMO-I) is one of the proteins found in the outer layer of the vitelline membrane of eggs. VMO-I, lysozyme, and VMO-II are bound tightly to ovomucin fibrils of the egg yolk membrane. The structure of VMO-I [PMID: 8131734] consists of three beta-sheets forming Greek key motifs, which are related by an internal pseudo three-fold symmetry. It is a member of the beta-prism-fold family and the structure of VOM-I has strong similarity to the structure of the delta-endotoxin, as well as a carbohydrate-binding site in the top region of the common fold [PMID: 8848836]. VMO-I has been shown to synthesize N-acetylchito-oligosaccharides from N-acetylglucosamine.

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