Homologous Superfamily

MOB kinase activator superfamily (IPR036703)

Short name: MOB_kinase_act_sf

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The MOB kinase activator superfamily includes MOB1, an essential Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein, identified from a two-hybrid screen, that binds Mps1p, a protein kinase essential for spindle pole body duplication and mitotic checkpoint regulation. Conditional alleles of MOB1 cause a late nuclear division arrest at restrictive temperature [PMID: 9436989]. This superfamily also includes the MOB-like protein phocein, an intracellular protein that interacts with striatin and may play a role in membrane trafficking [PMID: 11872741]. Structurally, domains in this superfamily have a bromodomain-like fold, which consists of four helices arranged as a bundle with a minor mirror variant of up-and-down topology; they also contain a zinc-binding site.

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