Homologous Superfamily

Insect odorant-binding protein A10/Ejaculatory bulb-specific protein 3 superfamily (IPR036682)

Short name: OS_D_A10/PebIII_sf

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This entry represents the insect odorant-binding protein A10 and ejaculatory bulb-specific protein 3 (PebIII).

Odorant binding proteins (OBPs) is a class of small (14-20 Kd) water-soluble proteins first discovered in the insect sensillar lymph but also in the mucus of vertebrates, is postulated to mediate the solubilisation of hydrophobic odorant molecules, and thereby to facilitate their transport to the receptor neurons. The product of a gene expressed in the olfactory system of Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly), OS-D, shares features common to vertebrate odorant-binding proteins, but has a primary structure unlike odorant-binding proteins [PMID: 8206941]. OS-D derivatives have subsequently been found in chemosensory organs of phylogenetically distinct insects, including cockroaches, phasmids and moths, suggesting that OS-D-like proteins seem to be conserved in the insect phylum.

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