Homologous Superfamily

TCL1/MTCP1 superfamily (IPR036672)

Short name: TCL1_MTCP1_sf

Overlapping entries


Two related oncogenes, TCL-1 P56279 and MTCP-1 P56278, are overexpressed in T cell prolymphocytic leukemias as a result of chromosomal rearrangements that involve the translocation of one T cell receptor gene to either chromosome 14q32 or Xq28 [PMID: 9520380].

TCL-1 is an all-beta protein consisting of an eight-stranded antiparallel beta barrel with a novel topology. The barrel consists of two four-stranded beta-meander motifs, related by a two fold axis and connected by a long loop. The structure of MTCP-1 is very similar, diverging only in regions that are either flexible and/or involved in crystal packing [PMID: 9519406, PMID: 11679718].

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