Homologous Superfamily

CinA-like, C-terminal (IPR036653)

Short name: CinA-like_C

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This superfamily represents a C-terminal domain found in CinA (the first gene in the competence-inducible operon) and nicotinamide-nucleotide (NMN) amidohydrolase PncC.

CinA is thought to be specifically required at some stage in the process of natural transformation, a genetic recombination process [PMID: 7538190].

NMN amidohydrolase (also known as NMN deamidase) is one of the key enzymes of the bacterial pyridine nucleotide cycle. This enzyme has been shown in S. oneidensis to be encoded by the gene PncC. It is further shown in S. oneidensis PncC, that the NMN deamidase activity resides in the C-terminal "CinA" domain, also known as the PncC domain [PMID: 21953451]. While multiple E. coli homologs to S. oneidensis PncC have been identified, only YgaD has been shown to posses NMN deaminase activity [PMID: 21953451].

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