Homologous Superfamily

CobW-like, C-terminal domain superfamily (IPR036627)

Short name: CobW-likC_sf

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CobW proteins are generally found proximal to the trimeric cobaltochelatase subunit CobN, which is essential for vitamin B12 (cobalamin) biosynthesis [PMID: 12869542]. They contain a P-loop nucleotide-binding loop in the N-terminal domain and a histidine-rich region in the C-terminal portion suggesting a role in metal binding, possibly as an intermediary between the cobalt transport and chelation systems. CobW might be involved in cobalt reduction leading to cobalt(I) corrinoids.

This entry represents the C-terminal domain found in CobW, as well as in P47K (P31521), a Pseudomonas chlororaphis protein needed for nitrile hydratase expression [PMID: 7765511].

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