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NinB superfamily (IPR036619)

Short name: NinB_sf

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The ninR region of Bacteriophage lambda contains two recombination genes, ninB and ninG (rap), that have roles when the RecF and RecBCD recombination pathways of Escherichia coli, respectively, operate on phage lambda [PMID: 11952832]. Genetic recombination in phage lambda relies on DNA end processing by Exo to expose 3'-tailed strands for annealing and exchange by beta protein. Phage lambda encodes an additional recombinase, NinB, which participates in the early stages of recombination by supplying a function equivalent to the E. coli RecFOR complex. These host enzymes assist loading of the RecA strand exchange protein onto ssDNA coated with ssDNA-binding protein. NinB has two structural domains with unusual folds, and exists as an intertwined dimer [PMID: 16076958].

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