Homologous Superfamily

EhaM-like superfamily (IPR036606)

Short name: EhaM-like_sf

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Energy converting hydrogenase A (eha) and B (ehb) encode putative multisubunit membrane-bound [NiFe] hydrogenases in Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum. Eha and Ehb hydrogenases contain extra subunits in addition to those shared by other energy-converting [NiFe] hydrogenases (or [NiFe]-hydrogenase-3-type). Eha contains a 6[4Fe-4S] polyferredoxin, a 10[4F-4S] polyferredoxin, ten other predicted integral membrane proteins and four Hydrophilic subunits (EhaM, EhaR, EhS, EhT) [PMID: 10491142]. Eha and Ehb catalyse the reduction of low-potential redox carriers (e.g. ferredoxins or polyferredoxins), which then might function as electron donors to oxidoreductases.

This superfamily describes the hydrophilic EhaM subunit of Eha-type energy-converting [NiFe] hydrogenase complexes.

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