Homologous Superfamily

Hut operon regulatory protein HutP superfamily (IPR036482)

Short name: Regulatory_HutP_sf

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The HutP protein regulates the expression of Bacillus 'hut' structural genes by an anti-termination complex, which recognises three UAG triplet units, separated by four non-conserved nucleotides on the RNA terminator region. L-Histidine and Mg2+ ions are also required. These proteins exhibit the structural elements of alpha/beta proteins, arranged in the order: alpha-alpha-beta-alpha-alpha-beta-beta-beta in the primary structure, and the four antiparallel beta-strands form a beta-sheet in the order beta1-beta2-beta3-beta4, with two alpha-helices each on the front (alpha1 and alpha2) and at the back (alpha3 and alpha4) of the beta-sheet [PMID: 15758992].

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