Homologous Superfamily

Leukocidin/porin MspA superfamily (IPR036435)

Short name: Leukocidin/porin_MspA_sf

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This entry represents a structural domain consisting of a beta-sandwich fold with an immunoglobulin-like Greek-key topology, and a beta-ribbon arm that forms an oligomeric transmembrane barrel. This domain is found in pore-forming proteins, including porin MspA, as well as the exotoxins haemolysin and leukocidin. MspA is a membrane porin produced by Mycobacteria, allowing hydrophilic nutrients to enter the bacterium [PMID: 14976314]. Haemolysins attack blood cell membranes and cause cell rupture by forming water-filled homoheptameric transmembrane pores. Leukocidin consists of two polypeptides, F and S, and form pores in polymorphonuclear leukocytes [PMID: 16195546].

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