Homologous Superfamily

BRCT domain superfamily (IPR036420)

Short name: BRCT_dom_sf

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The breast cancer susceptibility gene contains at its C terminus two copies of a conserved domain that was named BRCT for BRCA1 C terminus. This domain of about 95 amino acids is found in a large variety of proteins involved in DNA repair, recombination and cell cycle control [PMID: 8673121, PMID: 9034168, PMID: 9000507]. The BRCT domain is not limited to the C-terminal of protein sequences and can be found in multiple copies or in a single copy as in RAP1 and TdT. Some data [PMID: 9799248] indicate that the BRCT domain functions as a protein-protein interaction module.

The structure of the first of the two C-terminal BRCT domains of the human DNA repair protein XRCC1 has recently been determined by X-ray crystallography, it comprises a four-stranded parallel beta-sheet surrounded by three alpha-helices, which form an autonomously folded domain [PMID: 9799248].

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