Homologous Superfamily

MIT domain superfamily (IPR036181)

Short name: MIT_dom_sf

Overlapping entries

  • MIT (IPR007330)


This entry represents the MIT domain superfamily.

The MIT domain forms an asymmetric three-helix bundle. It is found in vacuolar sorting proteins, spastin (probable ATPase involved in the assembly or function of nuclear protein complexes), and a sorting nexin, which may play a role in intracellular trafficking.

A 'variant' MIT domain has been described at the N-terminal region of a related AAA-ATPase, mammalian katanin p60 [PMID: 20339000].

The MIT domain has a Spectrin repeat-like fold. This fold is composed of three helices in a close bundle topology. It has also a left-handed twist going up-and-down [PMID: 16018968].

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