Class VII myosin, motor domain (IPR036106)

Short name: MYSc_Myo7

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Class VII are monomeric myosins associated with functions in sensory systems such as vision and hearing [PMID: 23383098, PMID: 10574757]. In Dictyostelium it has been shown that myosin VII is involved in phagocytosis and cell adhesion [PMID: 10574761, PMID: 11267868]. Vertebrates have two class VII myosins (VIIa and VIIb) that are thought to play important roles in linking the actin cytoskeleton to adhesion receptors on the cell surface [PMID: 16186105]. Myosin VII isoforms have a conserved motor domain, 5 IQ motifs, and a tail with 2 MyTH4-FERM domains separated by an SH3 domain [PMID: 19255446]. The catalytic (head) domain has ATPase activity and belongs to the larger group of P-loop NTPases.

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