Class XVIII myosin, motor domain (IPR036064)

Short name: MYSc_Myo18

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Many members of myosin class XVIII contain an N-terminal PDZ domain which is commonly found in proteins establishing molecular complexes. Mammals express a second isoform, Myo18B, that lacks the PDZ domain [PMID: 12761286]. They also contain a motor domain which does not exhibit ATPase activity, suggesting that these myosins function as an actin tether protein [PMID: 15835906, PMID: 21498886]. They also have two IQ domains that probably bind light chains or related calmodulins and a C-terminal tail with two sections of coiled-coil domains, which are thought to mediate homodimerization [PMID: 15582604]. Myo18A has been implicated in stromal cell differentiation [PMID: 10733906] and Myo18B in tumor suppression [PMID: 12209013].

This entry represents the motor domain.

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