Homologous Superfamily

BTG-like domain superfamily (IPR036054)

Short name: BTG-like_sf

Overlapping entries


This entry represents a conserved domain found in the N-terminal of the BTG family members (also known as anti-proliferative proteins). In mammals, BTG family comprises six proteins: BTG1, BTG2/PC3/Tis21, BTG3/ANA, BTG4/PC3B, Tob1/Tob and Tob2. They regulate cell cycle progression in a variety of cell types [PMID: 19746446].

These proteins have from 158 to 363 amino acid residues, that are highly similar and include 3 conserved cysteine residues. BTG2 seems to have a signal sequence; while the other proteins may lack such a domain.

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