Homologous Superfamily

XkdW-like superfamily (IPR035950)

Short name: XkdW-like_sf

Overlapping entries


This entry includes the protein XkdW (P54342) from the Phage-like element PBSX in Bacillus subtilis. It also contains the phage SPbeta protein YorD, the function of which is not known.

XkdW is approximately 100 residues long and contains two alpha helices and two beta strands, and is probably monomeric. XkdW is expressed in bacteria but is probably viral in origin. Its function is unknown. PBSX, a defective prophage of B. subtilis, is a chromosomally based element which encodes a non-infectious phage-like particle with bactericidal activity. PBSX is induced by agents which elicit the SOS response [PMID: 125016].

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