Homologous Superfamily

Enhancer of rudimentary superfamily (IPR035912)

Short name: EHR_sf

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The enhancer of rudimentary gene, e(r), of Drosophila melanogaster encodes an enhancer of rudimentary (ER) protein with functions implicated in pyrimidine biosynthesis and the cell cycle. The ER homologue (ERH) is highly conserved among vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants [PMID: 15937287].

The monomeric structure of ERH comprises a single domain consisting of three alpha-helices and four beta-strands. In the crystal structure, ERH assumes a dimeric structure, through interactions between the beta-sheet regions. The long flexible loop is significantly conserved, suggesting that this loop region may be important for the functions of ERH. The putative phosphorylation sites are located at the start of the beta2-strand (Thr18) and at the start of the alpha1-helix (Ser24), implying that the phosphorylation might cause some structural changes [PMID: 15937287, PMID: 15794639].

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