Homologous Superfamily

Colicin E immunity protein superfamily (IPR035900)

Short name: Colicin_E_sf

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This family includes bacterial colicin and pyocin immunity proteins [PMID: 8692833, PMID: 8755730]. These immunity proteins can bind specifically to the DNase-type colicins and pyocins and inhibit their bactericidal activity. The 1.8-angstrom crystal structure of the ImmE7 protein consists of four antiparallel alpha-helices [PMID: 8692833]. Sequence similarities between colicins E2, A and E1 [PMID: 3936034] are less striking. The colicin E2 (pyocin) immunity protein does not share similarity with either the colicin E3 or cloacin DF13 [PMID: 6253914] immunity proteins. Pyocin protects a cell that harbours the plasmid ColE2 encoding colicin E2 against colicin E2; it is thus essential both for autonomous replication and colicin E2 immunity [PMID: 3892228].

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