Aspartokinase 3, N-terminal (IPR035804)

Short name: AKIII_YclM_N

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This is the N-terminal catalytic aspartokinase (AK) domain of the lysine plus threonine-sensitive aspartokinase isoenzyme AKIII, a monofunctional class enzyme found in Bacilli (Bacillus subtilis YclM) and Clostridia species. Aspartokinase is the first enzyme in the aspartate metabolic pathway and catalyzes the conversion of aspartate and ATP to aspartylphosphate and ADP. In Bacillus subtilis, YclM is reported to be a single polypeptide of 50 kD. The B. subtilis 168 AKIII is induced by lysine and repressed by threonine, and it is synergistically inhibited by lysine and threonine [PMID: 11471740, PMID: 2152900].

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