Abl interactor 2, SH3 domain (IPR035726)

Short name: Abi2_SH3

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Domain relationships

  • SH3 domain (IPR001452)
    • Abl interactor 2, SH3 domain (IPR035726)


Abi2 is a component of the WAVE1 complex. It localises to sites of actin polymerisation at the tips of lamellipodia and filopodia [PMID: 11516653]. Mice deficient with Abi2 show defects in orientation and migration of lens fibres, neuronal migration, dendritic spine morphology, as well as deficiencies in learning and memory [PMID: 15572692]. Abi proteins are adaptor proteins serving as binding partners and substrates of Abl tyrosine kinases. They are involved in regulating actin cytoskeletal reorganization and play important roles in membrane-ruffling, endocytosis, cell motility, and cell migration. Abi proteins contain a homeobox homology domain, a proline-rich region, and a SH3 domain [PMID: 12011975]. The SH3 domain of Abi binds to a PxxP motif in Abl [PMID: 18161990].

This entry represents the SH3 domain of Abi2.

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