SNX8/Mvp1, PX domain (IPR035704)

Short name: SNX8/Mvp1_PX

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Sorting nexin-8 (SNX8) belongs to the sorting nexin family, which contains a conserved PX (phox homology) domain that is responsible for binding to specific phosphoinositides [PMID: 16243015]. It may play a role in intracellular protein transport from early endosomes to the trans-Golgi network [PMID: 19782049]. SNX8 yeast counterpart, Mvp1, is required for sorting proteins to the vacuole [PMID: 7862158, PMID: 24567361].

The PX domain is a phosphoinositide (PI) binding module present in many proteins with diverse functions [PMID: 11439176]. Sorting nexins (SNXs) make up the largest group among PX domain containing proteins. They are involved in regulating membrane traffic and protein sorting in the endosomal system [PMID: 15634208]. The PX domain of SNXs binds PIs and targets the protein to PI-enriched membranes. SNXs differ from each other in PI-binding specificity and affinity, and the presence of other protein-protein interaction domains, which help determine subcellular localization and specific function in the endocytic pathway. Some SNXs are localized in early endosome structures such as clathrin-coated pits, while others are located in late structures of the endocytic pathway [PMID: 11485546, PMID: 16782399, PMID: 12483105, PMID: 16243015, PMID: 18523436, PMID: 12461558, PMID: 8931154].

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