Rsc1/Rsc2, bromodomain (IPR035700)

Short name: Rsc1/Rsc2_Bromo

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Domain relationships

  • Bromodomain (IPR001487)
    • Rsc1/Rsc2, bromodomain (IPR035700)


This entry represents the bromodomain of Rsc1 and Rsc2 from budding yeasts. Bromodomains are 110 amino acid long domains, that are found in many chromatin associated proteins. Bromodomains can interact specifically with acetylated lysine.

The chromatin structure remodeling (RSC) complex consists at least of fifteen subunits, one of them being either RSC1 or RSC2. Neither RSC1 nor RSC2 is essential for viability, suggesting that they have some redundant function [PMID: 10619019].

RSC is involved in transcription regulation and nucleosome positioning [PMID: 8980231]. It is responsible for the transfer of a histone octamer from a nucleosome core particle to naked DNA [PMID: 10025404]. The reaction requires ATP and involves an activated RSC-nucleosome intermediate. The remodeling reaction also involves DNA translocation, DNA twist and conformational change. As a reconfigurer of centromeric and flanking nucleosomes, RSC complex is required both for proper kinetochore function in chromosome segregation and, via a PKC1-dependent signaling pathway, for organisation of the cellular cytoskeleton [PMID: 12702296, PMID: 12183366, PMID: 12072455]. In addition to being essential for mitotic growth, the RSC complex is also required for sporulation [PMID: 15302824].

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