ComA-like, MBL domain (IPR035681)

Short name: ComA-like_MBL

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Domain relationships


This domain is found in proteins required for natural transformation competence including Neisseria gonorrhoeae ComA [PMID: 7934834], Pseudomonas stutzeri ComA [PMID: 11446513], Bacillus subtilis ComEC (also known as ComE operon protein 3) [PMID: 7968523] and Haemophilus influenza ORF2 encoded by the rec-2 gene [PMID: 8063112], as well as Escherichia coli YcaI which does not mediate spontaneous plasmid transformation on nutrient-containing agar plates [PMID: 19011021]. It also includes the phosphorylcholine esterase (Pce) domain of choline-binding protein e from streptococcus pneumonia [PMID: 15908436]. Members of this subgroup belong to the MBL-fold metallo-hydrolase superfamily which is comprised mainly of hydrolytic enzymes which carry out a variety of biological functions.

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