EMP46/EMP47, N-terminal lectin domain (IPR035661)

Short name: EMP46/EMP47_N

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EMP46 and EMP47 are fungal type-I transmembrane proteins that cycle between the endoplasmic reticulum and the golgi apparatus and are thought to function as cargo receptors that transport newly synthesized glycoproteins [PMID: 16439369]. EMP47 is a receptor for EMP46 responsible for the selective transport of EMP46 by forming hetero-oligomerization between the two proteins. EMP46 and EMP47 are 45% sequence-identical to one another and have sequence homology to a class of intracellular lectins defined by ERGIC-53 and VIP36 [PMID: 7490292, PMID: 12134087].

EMP46 and EMP47 have an N-terminal lectin-like carbohydrate recognition domain as well as a C-terminal transmembrane domain. This entry represents the EMP46 and EMP47 N-terminal carbohydrate recognition domain.

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