BipA, domain V (IPR035651)

Short name: BipA_V

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This domain describes the C-terminal portion of BipA (or TypA) having homology to the domain V of the elongation factors EF-G [PMID: 27325008]. A member of the ribosome binding GTPase superfamily, BipA is widely distributed in bacteria and chloroplasts [PMID: 17214893]. It has been implicated in regulating a variety of cellular processes, including bacterial virulence and various stress responses [PMID: 12675808, PMID: 23570569, PMID: 15000390, PMID: 11683274]. BipA is phosphorylated on a tyrosine residue under some cellular conditions [PMID: 9622352].

BipA contains domains that are homologous EF-G domain I, II, III, V. This entry represent the domain that is homologous to domain V.

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