Homologous Superfamily

Antitoxin epsilon/PezA domain superfamily (IPR035569)

Short name: Antitoxin_epsilon/PezA_dom_sf

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The epsilon antitoxin, produced by various prokaryotes, forms part of a post-segregational killing system, which is involved in the initiation of programmed cell death of plasmid-free cells. The protein is folded into a three-helix bundle directly interacting with the zeta toxin, inactivating it [PMID: 12571357].

PezA is the cognate antitoxin to the S. pneumoniae PezT toxin. PezA shares sequence similarity in the C-terminal region with the epsilon antitoxin. The PezA protein functions as a transcriptional repressor of the pezAT operon together with PezT, by binding a palindrome sequence that overlaps the promoter. This differs from the epsilon-zeta system in which epsilon functions solely as the antitoxin and transcriptional regulation is carried out by another protein designated omega [PMID: 17488720].

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